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Rath Residence

The Rath Residence is located in Oakland Hills. This was a very unique project as it was a collaboration between the Landscape Architect, Dillingham Associates, the Owner, Mr. Rath, and Native Soil Inc. The architect provided the original and amazing concept and plan and with suggestions made by a collective thought process and expert construction knowledge the final product was beyond beautiful. The most unique amenity to this residence was the fire pit area that we created, surrounded by Sonoma Fieldstone that retains heat in a spectacular natural way, the owners now enjoy a glass of fancy wine while overlooking the Oakland Hills. We also did major grading and increased the grass areas width, allowing for a large recreational area for the grandkids to play in. We used a drip line for the grass terrace in order to protect the natural wood planters and avoid runoff and overspray into the fire pit area. Materials were carefully selected by the three parties and the final product was a blend of synthetic decking, with natural wood, and natural stone creating beautiful masterpiece that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Other amenities include a natural gas fire pit, natural stone water fountain, hot tub deck, natural stone steps, and terraced planters for veggies and roses.

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